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Law page will articles on the use of international law and the consequences of violations and breaches by countries.
One of the most pressing issues to me is the continual detention of prisoners without charge. The above photo was taken on 3rd October 2009 at a Demo that i organised with my local Amnesty group and other human rights organisations. It highlighted that although there are plans to close Guantanamo Bay; the secret detentions around the world and Bagram detention centre in Afghanistan are still open for service and unfortunalety there is still ill-treatment of those prisoners.

The detention of prisoners without charge is against the law as everyone has a right to a fair trial. If there is no evidence to charge that prisoner then you have to release them, there is no 'ifs' or 'buts' about it. No one has the right to detain a prisoner indefinitely and any policy that sanctions that is breaking the law and there need to be consequences for those that do break the law.

I feel that there needs to a renewal in respecting the law that exists and recognision that law is an important part of everyones lives and that without it we would not have the rights and freedoms that we enjoy today.
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